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"Sports is nothing more than organizing a group for high performance. And that's what businesses do."

—Donna Lopiano, former CEO of the Women's Sports Foundation

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Entry into a social network that is rooted in achievement

Per an article from the Children’s Medical Group, “Sports provide girls a core of buddies, integrating them, as researchers at Catholic University argue, into male-type ‘networks that are larger, less intimate, and more based on achievement’ than the small, intense friendship groups based on building and maintaining relationships to which girls are naturally drawn. This type of network may give female athletes an edge in other areas of achievement as well.” [65]

Greater bonds among peers

Research shared by ESPN found that “girls who play sports are 10% more likely to say they ’trust other girls’ than girls who don't, while they're 7 percentage points more likely to ‘get along well with other girls.’” [66]
In addition, “High school girls who play sports are significantly more likely to have supportive friends.” [67]

Higher body esteem

Participation in sports can also have a long-term impact on the social lives of girls. Girls who play sports are more likely to be involved in other extracurricular and community activities. [68]
Girls who play sports will encounter a greater number of adult role models from whom they can draw inspiration and support. [69]
Girls who play sports have “more positive and expansive views on girls’ roles and opportunities related to careers and leadership.” [70]


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